Top 6 famous tourist attractions at Phu Yen

In Phu Yen, there are many popular and captivating spots where take minutes to drive or walk from Sala Grand TuyHoa Hotel.

Tuy Hoa Beach
A large number of tourists fall in love with Tuy Hoa Beach at first sight because of its austerity and romance

Tuy Hoa night market
Tuy Hoa night market inspires you to have local culinary and cultural experiences.

The first day of April Square
You enjoy eye-catching water performances in the first day of April Square.

Ho Son Lake
It becomes one of the most famous check-ins in Phu Yen.

Phu Yen Museum.
Don’t miss out if you are passionate about the origin and history of Phu Yen

Nghinh Phong Tower.
Unique architecture looking like a construction in sci-fi movies is the first impression when tourists see Nghinh Phong Tower.