Nghinh Phong Tower is a must-visit in Phu Yen

This tourist attraction, which can be located at Nghinh Phong Square (the intersection of Nguyen Huu Tho and Doc Lap Street, Tuy Hoa), will undoubtedly make you appreciate its majesty, scope, and significance.

Each side of the Nghinh Phong Tower is made up of 50 cylindrical stone blocks that have been stacked and placed next to one another. This image not only evokes memories of the magnificent scenery of Ganh Da Dia, but also tells the narrative of Lac Long Quan-Au Co.

Reliefs, which appear to be narrating history and the origins of the ancestors, are attached to the interior of the tower’s two sides. Particularly when a sea breeze is blowing through the tower gap, it produces sounds that are like a unique natural symphony.

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